About JGI Accelerator

One of the big differences between accelerators and incubators is in how the individual programs remain structured. Accelerator programs usually have a set timeframe in which individual companies spend anywhere from a few weeks to a few months working with a group of mentors to build out their business and avoid problems along the way. Early-stage companies are typically given a small seed investment, and access to a large mentorship network, in exchange for a small amount of equity. The mentors help startups with their years of experience and knowledge. The goal of the accelerator is to help a startup do roughly two years of business building in just a few months. If you go through a good one, your business will have a better standing in the market.

JGI Accelerator is an initiative of JUiNCUBATOR. JGI Accelerator is an intense and immersive programme aimed at accelerating emerging tech startups for high impact growth by compressing years of learning into just a few months of execution. Built on a strong methodology designed in Silicon Valley and working successfully in different countries. The main goal of the program is to get our startups to launch a pilot project or sign a contract with a corporate customer.

We stand out from other incubation/accelerator in the country because unlike others we don’t help the founders in terms of beautifying the things but we provide the startups, the support required in terms of the team, product, and creating successful Business Models.

Having nurtured 60+ companies we understand the Indian startup ecosystem we believe that startups have a lot of potential to grow locally & globally. We don’t want to follow the traditional acceleration method. So we brought in Silicon Valley methodologies & investors & corporates as partners during the startup selection process itself.

To further our reach, we are bringing the silicon valley methodologies & experts along with joined forces of renowned corporate enterprises & investors to support /push/elevate participating startups to the next level Combined with all the above facilities we at JUiNCUBATOR help Startups to be the next big thing in India market.